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Lab Update March 22, 2020

Zoom Classes tomorrow - for schedule and log-in info click here

“There are those who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, through their intelligence and passion, transform a yellow spot into sun.”

~Pablo Picasso

Dear Lab Families,

For a glimpse of your child's online world at The Lab click here.

Phew! What a week we had last week! Moving on-line in less than 2 days! Holding full-day, same schedule classes for Mr. T's class, and partial-day, same schedule for our younger students! We even held an on-line parent support group! And this week we welcome 4 NEW students to The Lab and our virtual community.

Thank you everyone for your kind words of support this past week. They mean a great deal to me, T and our wonderful team at The Lab! We'll get there together.

Know that for virtual classes, more is more. The more students that are on line, the more dynamic the classes are and the more community we can create for you child and others'. So please have your child join in when they can. They bring the warmth with them!

Important Dates this Week

March 25th from 12-1 . Our K-3rd graders will showcase their "Day in the life of a bug" projects online. Watch for the ZOOM link to their live presentations. Be there or miss out on something lovely and new.

Wednesday March 25th 6-7 -Parent support group meeting (English language).

TBD - Parent support group meeting (Spanish languages). Check with Bertha.

Happenings in Mr. T's class

Mr. T's class kept at it with Reader's and Writer's workshop. They are finishing-up their PBL Curiosity Studio presentations on Slavery. They worked on Summit, they worked on Moby, they laughed, looked at the rain, and kids hung-out on our Zoom classroom till 6 or 7 at night just talking and sharing with each other!

Happenings in K-3rd/4th

Our K-3rd/4th worked on their new Writer's workshop! Explored some wonderful new on-line reading platforms, and kept moving on their Day in the Life of a Bug PBL project. Kathryn took them on an on-line adventure studying the work of Picasso, and brought out her Ukulele for some singing on-line.

This coming week our young students will be getting reading for their PBL online Showcase presentation, working on their new writing and reading project (realistic fiction), and will read with Astronauts in Space!!!! We've found some marvelous on-line resources to keep the learning engaging and amazing over the next week.

Coming soon: Reiki, Meditation and Folk Singing!

Parent Raana Brezenoff will be teaching Reiki and meditation, and there is a rumor that her husband Daniel may lead our students in some folk singing- I'm pulling for a bit of Bob Dylan!


Stay strong. Reach out if you need us. Join the parent support group. Have your child join our classes. Attend our showcases. Even lead a class! Now is a moment of reinvention!

Let's turn that yellow spot into the Sun!

For log on information for our Zoom Classrooms click here or go to our website under Lab Family Resources.

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