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Classes & Pricing


The Lab offers 2-day drop-off enrichment programs and A-La-Carte classes for students K-8th grades.


The Lab is dedicated to ensuring that any child in Long Beach who would benefit from our classes can access them, regardless of their financial capabilities. To facilitate this, we provide need-based financial aid options whenever possible. If your child is interested in joining our classes but faces financial constraints, please reach out to to inquire about and request a financial aid application.


WOW! 2-Day Enrichment Program


Students engage in a 2-day weekly program from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, participating in purposefully crafted classes. These classes are designed to cultivate a love for learning, enhance academic skills, facilitate social interaction, foster socio-emotional growth, and introduce diverse global cultures. The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core standards.

Class sizes are deliberately limited, accommodating 15 students for WOW! Owls (Tk-1st), 25 students for WOW! Coyotes (2nd-4th), and 25 students for WOW! Dragons and Tigers (4th-8th). However, due to the 2-day scheduling structure, these numbers vary between 60 to 80% of the total students each day.


TK-1st graders 

 WOW! Owls                                M & Tu    9:00-3:00 ($2000/semester)             

2nd-4th graders

 WOW! Coyotes                           W & Thu   9:00-3:00 ($2000/semester)            


4th-8th graders (pick 1 section)

WOW! Dragons Section  1         M & Tu  9:00-3:00 ($2000/semester)          


WOW! Tigers Section 2         W & Th  9:00-3:00 ($2000/semester)     


Students enrolled as Owls, Coyotes, Dragons, and Tigers have the flexibility to select any two days of their preference, whether consecutive or nonconsecutive. Flexibility is highly valued in our learning environment, and we collaborate closely with families to guarantee the success of our students. For instance, Dragons and Tigers have the option to attend either Tuesday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday. The same flexibility applies to Owls and Coyotes, as our teachers are present on all days. If you have any additional concerns regarding this, please reach out to Mr. T at

A La Carte Classes 

Note: Priority will be given to students enrolling for the 2-day WOW! program when space is limited

Tk-1st graders 

Great Readers & Writers Workshop      M-Tu   9:00-11:00  ($1000/semester)

Curiosity Studio                                     M-Tu  12:00-2:00 ($1000/semester)

2nd-4th graders

Great readers & Writers workshop      W-Th   9:00-11:00 ($1000/semester)

Curiosity Studio                                      W-Th 12:00-2:00 ($1000/semester)

5th-8th graders

Great Readers & Writers Workshop      M-Tu   9:00-12:00 ($1000/semester)

Curiosity Studio                                      M-Tu  1:00-3:00 ($1000/semester)

All grades

Physical Education & Activity      Wednesday   1:00-3:00 ($200/month)

Typical Daily Schedule for WOW! Owls  (Tk-1st)


9:00-9:15 Community meeting

9:15-10:00 Great reader's workshop, storytelling, stagecraft

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:30 Great author's workshop & bookmaking

11:30-12:15 Break/Lunch 

12:15-12:30 Movement, Story time


12:30-12:45 Community meeting (social skills development)

12:45-1:45 Curiosity Studio/Art Workshop/ Study Jam

1:45-2:00 Break/outdoor play

2:00-2:30 Gardening, outdoor exploration, personalized academic support

2:30-2:45 Reflection and goal setting for next day


2:45-3:00 Clean-up & get ready to go

3:00 End of day Pick-up



Typical Daily Schedule for WOW! Dragons (2nd -4th)


9:00-9:15 Community meeting

9:15-10:00 Reading Strategies/ Reader's workshop and storytelling

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:00 Great Writer's Workshop & bookmaking

11:00 - 11:30 Charter Program Tutoring/ Academic Time

11:30-12:15 Break/Lunch 

12:15-12:45 Academic Time/ Tutoring/ Study Jam

12:45-1:15 Math Session with Manipulatives

1:15-1:30 Break/outdoor play

1:30-2:15 Charter Program Tutoring/ Academic Time


2:15-3:00 Curiosity Studio/History , Science, Art Workshop

3:00 End of day Pick-up



Typical Daily Schedule for WOW! Explorers (5th-8th graders)

9:00-9:30 Community Meeting

9:30-11:00 Great Readers and Authors workshop

11:00-12:20 Curiosity Studio 

12:20-1:00 Break/lunch/independent study

1:00-3:00 Study Jam 

(Small group tutoring, one-to-one coaching, independent work on Studio)

3:00  End of Day Pick-up

* Schedules subject to change




Community Meetings & Leadership 

Engage! is an initiative that introduces students to the concept of their impactful role as young change-makers globally, emphasizing that age is never a barrier to effecting change. Each day begins with a brief seminar, purposefully crafted to aid students in developing skills to contemplate and discuss their role as global citizens and their position in the world.

During these seminars, students acquire expertise in various areas including goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, collaborative dialogue, and public speaking. They are introduced to inspirational young leaders like Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg through TED-Ed videos and live stream discussion sessions.

In each session, students set personalized daily goals and subsequently assess their progress towards achieving these goals by the day's end. This approach encourages active engagement and self-accountability in their learning and personal development.

The Great Readers and Authors Workshop


In the initial phase of the Great Authors' Workshop, students dedicate their efforts to fostering a love for reading and enhancing their reading abilities. Each student chooses a book within a specified genre—such as fiction, non-fiction, or informational—to read during this period. The latter half of the workshop is dedicated to students becoming authors of their own written pieces in the same chosen genre, emphasizing the refinement of written expression skills. Each session commences with mini-lessons conducted by the Lab advisor or student leaders, focusing on various aspects of both reading and writing. Our Great Readers and Author's Workshop is designed based on the writing process approach.

Study Jam

During Study Jam students receive personalized one-on-one and small group coaching and tutoring to strengthen skills in reading, writing or math. Older students have the option of using the The Lab's Summit Learning Personalized Learning Platform, an innovative mastery-based learning platform that helps students become owners of their own learning and engage deeply with subjects that interest them.  Study Jam time is also the time allotted for students to get tutoring help on their individualized academics as well.

*Summit Learning Personalized Learning Platform. The Lab offers families of 4th-8th graders access to Summit Learning's innovative Personalized, Mastery-Based Learning Platform (PLP). The PLP is a free, student-driven learning platform that allows educators - both parents and teachers - to personalize content  based on each child's personal interests and learning needs. And allows each child to self-guide their progress through the curriculum, deciding what they will study, when they will study it, and when they are ready to take the knowledge assessment test.  The Summit platform aligns with the Common Core.


Developed through a collaboration between Summit Learning and the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation, the PLP is revolutionary in its ability to support personalized mastery-based learning for both independent and traditionally educated students. The PLP facilitates dynamic peer-to-peer learning and exchange, dynamic teacher-student interactions, and child-led learning.  Content can be developed de novo by the parent, the student or teacher, or crowdsourced from 100's of educators across the country.  

Click HERE for more information on the Summit Learning Platform for your child

Curiosity Studios

Curiosity Studios are designed around concepts of Project Based Learning. The studios provide students with opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers and to practice public speaking and presentation skills.  They and are designed to engage young people in learning about the world around them. Projects are designed introduce them to different cultures and people around the world, important global and social issues, and to expand their knowledge of the world we live in.

During the first phase of a Curiosity Studio, students identify a topic of interest in a focus area, then formulate a “beacon” question and conduct research related to the question.

During the second phase of a studio, students focus on the practical application of the research they are conducting during phase 1.  Students work together or independently to plan and carry out a “hope-energy” project based on the research they are conducting in phase 1.  Hope-energy projects are activities that are inspiring and empowering for both the student and those around him or her and are projects that have a measurable and meaningful impact on themselves and those around them.


Examples of Hope-Energy Projects include planning and implementing a sidewalk garden, presenting the benefits of electric cars to their parents to influence their decision making on their next car purchase, developing a video blog on bullying, creating a business plan for homemade beauty products, organizing a beach clean-up, etc. 

During the third phase, students prepare a presentation about their research and project and present these to other students at The Lab as well as family members and outside guests in a science fair type format.


Older students may complete one or two studios over the course of a semester.  Younger students complete 4 to 5.


Physical Education and Activity

Our Physical Education days consist of not only body moving fun, but also sportsmanship and fair play. Students learn the basics of different sports and activities while learning how to be a part of a team. All ages and skill levels are welcomed in safe play, while enjoying the fundamentals of games without the concern of winning or losing. Come join us and send questions and/or inquiries to


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