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Spring Talent Show Instructions

Dear Lab Spring Talent Show Performers, We can't wait  to see your performance at The Lab's Virtual Talent show this Friday!   Tell your friends it isn't too late to join if they want to be a part of the show too! Today was our first "virtual" planning/rehearsal session and it was very helpful.  Because Zoom has a significant lag with sound which is a problem for live performances, we have decided to have each of our performers film themselves performing their talent and then show these videos at the virtual Talent show on Friday.  This will be followed by a virtual live Q & A on Zoom where audience members can ask performers questions about their talents.   


Please create a videotape yourself performing your talent and send it to me at by WEDNESDAY AT 3:00.   See below for helpful hints on how to videotape you performing your talent.  

After I receive your tapes, we will all go over them during Zoom rehearsal at 4:00 on WEDNESDAY. Then you will have time to make any changes you want before the actual virtual Talent Show on Friday.  

Singers please note:  Diana Burbano (Lionel's mom) can help you find backing tapes for your performance. If you need help email her at:


WEDNESDAY April 6th 3:00 pm - First video tape of your performance DUE to Lyndee (

WEDNESDAY April 6th 4:00 pm - REHEARSAL AND VIRTUAL TALENT SHOW RUN THROUGH (all performers should attend). Click the link below when it is time to join. Note that you will have to enter the password as well. 

Link and password to be sent separately

THURSDAY April 7th 4:00pm - Final version of your video taped talent due to Lyndee ( - this is the one that we will show during the talent show on Friday. 

FRIDAY April 8th 7:00 pm - Virtual Talent Show followed by Live Zoom Q & A with cast 

Zoom meeting link: To be sent later this week

Instructions for videotaping your performance: 1.  Please have your parent or a brother or sister record you performing your talent on your/their phone.  

2. Use a tripod or a stack of books to prop your phone-up when you are recording so the video is as stable as possible. 3. Record the video horizontally (not vertically) 4. Frame the performer from mid-chest to top of the performer's head so we can see the performer's face.  (Exception: If you are dancing or playing an large instrument  or doing some other similar talent- then record a full body shot).   5. Record your video in front of a blank wall or a sheet or some place where there isn't a lot of visual distractions so we can see you well.  (Exception: Cooking or other talents where you need a specific physical space and context) 6. Try to keep the room where you are recording quiet so there is not a lot of background noise. Singers be sure that we can hear your voice over the backing track. You may need to experiment a bit to get this mix right. 7.  Content should be appropriate for all ages.  So no harsh or inappropriate lyrics etc.  

8. Don't worry if it's not perfect.  The most important thing is to have fun, be creative and share your talent. You can shoot as many videos as you like so experiment.

9. HAVE FUN!!!!

NOTE: If you have trouble emailing the video because it is a large file, you can send it using WeTransfer  which is a free file sharing service.  Or try using google drive or dropbox.   Email me with any questions!  Can't wait to see your videos!!!!! Best, Lyndee

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