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Schedule for Spirit week!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


We are moving into the last week of class- a week we call "Spirit Week!"

Spirit Week is a Lab tradition and both Mr. T's and Michelle and Kathryn's classes will be participating in all types of fun activities to celebrate the year, and each other.

Some require some preparation on your or your child's part so please take note of those.

4th-8th graders (Mr. T)

Monday June 1 9:00-1:00

  • Virtual tour of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

  • Game day

Tuesday June 2 9:00-1:00

  • Civil rights virtual tour

  • Movie day (Watch together online - movie TBD- have pop-corn & a dark room ready!)

Wednesday June 3 9:00-1:00

  • Virtual adventure to Antartica

  • Disney costume day (Come in costume)

Thursday June 4 9:00-1:00

  • Virtual visit to Easter Island

  • Trip the Light Fantastic DANCE & Celebration (Decorate your space with lights- Xmas lights, string lights, your cell phone flashlight and close the curtains to create a dark space. And dress-up for a dance party! Serious or in costume!)

Friday June 5 9:30-11:30

  • Advancement ceremony and GRADUATION CEREMONY for 8th graders. RSVP to Invitations with the Zoom link will be sent out later this week.

K-3rd/4th graders (Michelle & Kathryn)

Monday June 1 9:00-1:00

  • Dress-up as your favorite superhero (Parents may need to provide a little help here. Homemade is great! Provide supplies)

  • Create your own superhero activity (Art supplies and things students can use to make a superhero!)

Tuesday June 2 9:00-1:00

  • Create your own Disney character costume (Please provide art supplies)

  • Disney movie day (Have the pop-corn ready!)

Wednesday June 3 9:00-1:00

  • Jurassic Dino Day! with Ms. Kathryn (parents join in if you can!)

Thursday June 4 9:00-1:00

  • Watch what happens to Slime in space

  • Constellation activity

  • Lights-off party!

Friday June 5 9:00 - 1:00

  • Robot Day with Ms. Kathryn (Parents join in if you can! Supplies needed: recycled materials and tape, scissors or glue for robot construction)

  • End of the year favorite memory activity

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