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MOLAA rocked!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

What a great adventure we had at MOLAA today! A BIG thank you to our parent volunteers who made it happen - Jessica, Qiana & Creana! Almost all of our families participated. Check-out the photos below and on our Instagram feed.

Other Announcements

Reminder "After-Lab" starts tomorrow. Drop-in, after-care. M-Th 3-4:30, Fr 1:00-2:30. $16 per day. Use it when you need it!

Staffing changes. We loved Ms. Perri and Ms. Perri loved us, however opportunities come along that you can't say no to. To this end, last week Ms. Perri surprised us by telling us that she had accepted another position as a traditional Kindergarten teacher and that her new employer needed her to start immediately. So we had to say a quick goodbye. Perri did a lovely job helping us start the year and we will miss her.

We have begun a search for her replacement and have already completed 3 interviews with promising candidates. While we conduct the search, Michelle and Katrina will oversee the classroom and continue the great schedule and same great programming we have used for the past 5 years.

An important thing about the Khan Lab School educational approach is that it is process rather than personality-driven. This means that it is not dependent on the skills or personality of a specific person, but rather rigorous, repeatable and engaging learning processes such as Writers Workshop, Readers Workshop, and gold-standard PBL.

This allows us to maintain the same learning environment even when there are changes. The littles class will continue as always, with the same schedule, same engaging learning processes, and the same excellent adult-to-child instructional ratio while we look for a new educator to add to our team. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to Lyndee or Torry with any questions (,

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