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Lab Update October 4th

Dear Lab Families,

Happy October everyone! A few quick updates as we start the month.

Help us "Fill-the-Gap" in Lab funding! Because of the cuts to enrichment funding that occurred statewide in June, the funding we receive is no longer sufficient to cover The Lab's monthly operating costs -- teacher and TA salaries, rent and utilities. The Lab must raise an additional $8000 a month to remain open.

The Lab is a very special place for our children and something worth fighting to keep open and to help grow and thrive. But we can't do it alone. We need everyones' help. We are asking each of you to participate in our "Fill-the-Gap" campaign. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! And please know that while one-time donations are lovely, RECURRING MONTHLY donations are what can really help us stabilize The Lab's budget.

Please consider participating and help us keep this lovely little place alive.

Ask your family, friends, and employers to join in too! Give them the opportunity to participate in the educational innovation that is The Lab. I can't think of anything more important at this time in history than helping to create hopeful, powerful, deeply-educated, thinking young people! Look at Greta, The Parkland Teens, Malala and our own amazing students!

Click here to donate and join the campaign. You can also click the "donate now" button on lab's website THANK YOU!

And here is the link to share with your family and friends

For Epic Charter School Families: The EPIC curriculum, MOBY MAX, has arrived! MOBY MAX is a research-based online curriculum used by EPIC Charter School that Mr. T and Perri and I are also excited about! The Lab will be helping EPIC students complete Moby Max assignments from their Epic teacher during our "Self-Study Jam" tutoring sessions and classes.

Moby Max is a unique curriculum for TK-8th that is designed to help "fill gaps" in learning and help students build a solid knowledge base and strong skills in english, math, science and social studies. Each student completes a short diagnostic test when they start the curriculum and then a smart system underneath Moby Max creates a personalized curriculum for each child based on the results.

Your Epic Charter School Teacher, Kristen Lawson, has your log-in and password information for Moby Max and we do to. So please reach out to either Kristen or Lyndee, T or Perri if you don't have these yet or if you've lost them, so your child can get started working on Moby Max at home and at The Lab. It will super-charge their learning at The Lab!

For Families who are enrolled in other Charter Homeschools - iLead, Sky Mountain, Compass, Inspire - we like Moby Max enough that The Lab would love for your children be able to work on it too! We can set-up an account for your personal use. Let Mr. T and Perri know if you are interested!

PLEASE JOIN US This WEDNESDAY NIGHT October 9th from 6:00-8:00 for HOMESCHOOL BOOTCAMP FOR PARENTS! Homeschool Bootcamp for Parents is a 2-hour workshop for parents to help you maximize your child's homeschooling experience. Please RSVP here.

Topics we'll cover during this Bootcamp session:

  • Monitoring your child's progress on Moby Max and how to use it at home

  • Monitoring your child's progress on the Summit Personalized Learning Platform and using it at home

  • What to expect from your Epic, iLead, Inspire homeschool teachers

  • Resources Epic, iLead and Inspire provide to their students and how to tap into these

  • How to use The Lab!



A special visitor to Miss Perri's class!

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