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Lab Update -Nov 11th, 2019

There is NO Homework for Littles at The Lab! For Lab families, a quick clarification. There are NO "homework" expectations for TK-3rd graders who are taking classes regularly at The Lab. We created a daily Moby Max class for our TK-3rd graders to support their work on their Charter School curricula. This said, if you attend our classes infrequently, you should check with your homeschool teacher to find out what they believe will work the best.

It's different for older students, however. 4th-8th graders enrolled in EPIC often DO need to work at home on Moby Max each day to meet their Charter Homeschool teacher's requirements. At The Lab we use the Summit PLP as our on-line platform in Mr. T's class - because it is so amazing in how it builds older students' independence skills and because of how much our 4th-8th grade students like it - so our older students need to be sure they are clocking-in the hours they need to each week on their Charter School curriculum at home. Sigh...yes, homework.

Update on finding a teacher for TK-3rd. We are hard at work interviewing applicants for the TK-3rd classroom. There have been more than 90 applicants for the position, and we've made the first cut to 15. We had in-person interviews last week with two excellent applicants, and have several scheduled for this coming week. We are still aiming to be at full staffing by December. In the meantime, Michelle and Katrina did a wonderful job last week implementing our lesson plans and will continue doing the same this week. Students are reading and writing their own How-To Books during Readers and Writers workshop, are building pre, early and emerging math skills during Moby Max time, and are developing fine-motor skills, vocabulary, skills in researching information and collaboration during their Curiosity Studio PBL on Farming.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words. It's true. Nothing is more powerful or tells a story better than a great image. The Lab has launched a photo sharing site for our families where you can view and download photos of Lab activities, and upload and share pictures you have taken too. What amazing photos of Fall we have so far! The Parkland Teen visit, MOLAA, a new garden, composting, authors chair, PBL showcase, homeschool bootcamp, the magic window, WOW! cooking classes that explored Ireland, trips to the park, a visiting chicken, talking sticks, the Halloween parade and so much more. Click here to take a look!

Launch of a regular Parent Volunteer Group/Support Team Column! The Lab is delighted to announce the addition of a regular Parent Volunteer Group/Support Team column to The Lab Weekly. Raana Brezenoff kicks it off below with a request for parents to bring in emergency kits to store at The Lab for their child.

Great ShakeOut EarthQuake Drills. By Raana Brezenoff. Over 66.7 Million people across the globe practiced how to Drop, Cover and Hold in The Great ShakeOut Earthquake drills on October 17th, 2019. The largest organized Earthquake drill ever, The Great ShakeOut is a good time for community members, individuals and organizations to prepare for such an event, to be educated about what to do when an earthquake strikes, to have a plan of action and have the appropriate supplies ready for the aftermath.

Time spent preparing now, before the next big earthquake will dispel much fear and anxiety later and will determine how well we can survive and recuperate.

The shakeout occurs in homes, schools, offices, business and public spaces. This was the 12th Great ShakeOut Earthquake drill which began in Southern California in 2008.

The Lab has a plan of action and will be conducting the Earthquake drill this month. As we know, earthquakes can occur anytime and anywhere so to be most prepared, the Parent Support Team at the Lab Learning Space has proposed that each child have their own 24-hr Emergency kit stored at the learning center.

These will be simple kits that contain:

□ Change of clothes (Pants, shirt, underwear, socks)

□ 2 bottles of water

□ 2 cans of soup (preferably with a pop-top, no can opener necessary)

□ High Protein dry snacks (nuts, granola, jerky, protein bars)

□ Whistle

□ Small Flashlight with appropriate batteries

□ Pack of baby wipes

□ Dust Mask or face mask (make sure it’s the kind that can handle smoke and fits

your child)

□ A thin blanket that can be folded into the ziplock bag OR emergency blanket.

□ A letter from the parents offering words of comfort and encouragement, that

can be read to the children.

□ Family picture

In addition we will have a kit stored at the lab for the needs of the Teachers and facility, this extended list is at the Front Desk for your review. Please take a moment to pick up a copy of the Emergency Preparedness Kit lists for your Child and The Lab at the front desk and be sure to drop off the supplies and donations by 11/18/2019.

If you have any questions, need assistance with suggestions for the kits, or would like to make a monetary donation for the items needed for the Lab Learning Spaces’ Emergency Kit Please Text or Call Raana: 949-295-3988. Thank you for your diligence in this timely matter, let’s get it done before the Holidays!

Raana J Brezenoff

Parent Support Team/Volunteer

Save the Date - Soul Food Cooking Workshop. Two of our wonderful parent volunteers, Qiana and Creana, will be holding a 3-session cooking workshop on Soul Food for adults and children so mark your calendars. It is sure to be delicious and informative!

Nov 18th -Introduction to Soul Food

Nov 20th -Demo and tasting

Nov 21st - Intro to Southern holiday side dishes and desserts

Cost: $15/class. Proceeds to support The Lab Bridging the Gap Fund.

Fall Break. Reminder. Fall break is from Nov 25th-Nov 29th.

Congratulations to T's class on a great Curiosity Studio Showcase! Students 4th-8th grades presented their research on plant growth, reviewing their hypotheses, methods, procedures, results and conclusions. The scientific method in action!

Students present at the Curiosity Studio Showcase

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