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Lab Update: March 7th 2020

SAVE THE DATE! Back by popular demand! The SPRING TALENT SHOW is May 8th

Back by popular demand, the Lab's SECOND annual talent show, the Lab's Spring "Sing" will take place on May 8th so time to start planning your act! Sing, dance, do scenes from a play, play instruments, balance eggs on a spoon. Start getting your acts ready!

Virtual classes at The Lab

While we are hoping that COVID 19 won't be coming to Long Beach, if it does and folks need to stay home for a few weeks, we are spinning-up a virtual attendance option for the Lab so our students can continue to work together and with our teachers from home! The great news about our personalized, child-led educational approach is that it is infinitely flexible and we are developing plans -just in case - to offer classes online each day if needed. Stay tuned for more!

NWEA mid-year testing is over!

The Lab uses NWEA testing results to track student progress, help us personalize your child's learning path at The Lab and to evaluate our programs. This year, EPIC has agreed to let us use the results of their mandatory NWEA testing in lieu of our administering our own. Please watch your email for a release form that you will need to sign for us to view your child's results. It will come through Docusign. We will also keep paper copies near the sign-in sheet at the front of The Lab. Epic families- Make-up testing is on Monday March 16th for those who missed one of more of the assessment days.

iLead, Inspire and Sky Mountain families, we will work with your students one-to-one to complete the NWEA with us.

Epic Make-up Testing day!

Epic families, your Epic teachers asked us to remind you that make-up testing day is March 16th 10-1 at the Lab's SharEducate space. Watch your emails from your Epic teacher with instructions.

JOIN US Friday, MARCH 13th from 12:00-1:00 for the K-3rd grade Author's Chair

Please join us for the K-3rd Author's Chair this Friday from 12:00-1:00. Our K-3rd students will share the work they have been doing on Personal Narratives. Come hear our young students present their stories about a "first lost tooth," "adventures in the woods," as well as some exciting script writing on "space" and "animals."

What's happening in our One World Classroom (4th-8th) this month

Students are starting a new Writer's Workshop on realistic fiction. Students will be building skills in developing believable characters and more. 4th-8th graders will continue their daily reading adding in works of realistic fiction to what they are currently reading.

For academic time, students are working on english, history, science and math on the Summit personalized learning platform where they build skills, not only in the topic area, but in time management, goal setting, note taking and problem solving so they are able to drive and own their own learning!

Parents did you know you can "see" your child's progress and work on Summit daily by logging on to their platform and looking

at their dashboard! You can even click on their modules and view the objectives they are working on and the actual content they are studying! Ask your child today or send Mr. T and email and he will help you log-on.

This information can help you when you meet your Charter Homeschool Teacher at the end of each month to review progress! For Curiosity Studio, students are finishing-up their project on Slavery, how it happened, it's legacy in the US, and how to prevent it in the future.

What's happening in our K-3rd grade classroom this month

We've introduced the Columbia Phonics program in our K-3rd classroom for our emerging readers and it is going well! Students are learning word parts and sounds, sight words and how to de-code words with multiple syllables!

For our more advanced readers, they each receive guided reading support from our advisors/teachers, mini-lessons in reading strategies each day, and read from their personalized "book box." Each child's book box is constructed to include texts slightly below, at and slightly above the child's current reading level, as well as to include "high interest" topics!

During writers workshop, our young students are finishing their work on their personal narratives and preparing for author's chair this week, as well as continuing to do work on their "class plays." Last week, 4th-8th graders from Mr. T's classroom served as "scribes" for our younger students, assisting them in getting their ideas for their play down on paper! Our older and younger students alike loved working together on this! On March 16th, students will start a new Writers Workshop cycle on realistic fiction.

During academic time, students continue to work on a variety of learning platforms to develop math, english language arts and reading reading skills.

In our WOW! Integrated arts workshops that are held each week, students are learning about the ancient art and culture of Egypt. Over the past two weeks, students visited the pyramids through our magic window, learned about papyrus, experienced drawing in the tradition of ancient egypt, wrote their name in hyroglyphics, and created clay symbols. At the same time, they learned to find Egypt on the globe, built vocabulary (symbols, gestures, etc) and learned about the culture and history of Egypt.

For Curiosity Studio time, our students are wrapping up their work on "A Day in the Life of A Bug" and are planning their "science fair" presentation for their families which will happen later this month so watch for the announcement.

How you can help The Lab!

Don't forget to donate! For those of you making monthly donations to The Lab, know that we say "THANK YOU" each month when your donation arrives! You are helping make the entire program possible. Our monthly costs to operate are still running about $3000 over what we generate in revenue in each month. IF you haven't made you pledge or signed-up to give a monthly donation, please consider doing so now!

Looking for a parent volunteer to take over the garden! Our little urban garden in languishing. It has become the land of the aphids. We are looking for a parent volunteer to donate 2 hours a week and take over the garden project! If you have a green thumb, or even if you don't but would like to give back to the Lab and develop one, email Lyndee and she can tell you what is involved.

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