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Lab classes TOMORROW Tuesday! Sept 8th

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Dear Lab Families,

We are looking forward to having you and your child back for the Fall!

We are returning to a changed world - hopefully temporary - but are grateful that we are allowed to offer on-site attendance in addition to virtual for our classes.


There are some changes we have had to make to comply with public health regulations for child care/learning center type settings. We will be following the LA County and CDC guidance for child-care settings/learning centers for masking, social distancing, and cleaning. Check the Family Resources section on our website for more information.

Here is some information that will help you and your child get ready!

You can also watch this 8 minute virtual tour.


1) Only Students and Lab staff will be allowed inside the Lab building this Fall to reduce the number of individuals on-site. Parents may set-up an appointment for a tour after hours or to meet with teachers. Please email (4th-8th) or (K-3rd/4th)

2) Drop-off and pick-up WILL BE OUTSIDE AT THE FRONT DOOR

a. Drop-off and pick-up (sign-in/sign-out) will be OUTSIDE the front door this Fall. Classes start at 9:00am.

b. You must complete a daily 2-item health screener for your child/children each day before drop-off. THE FIRST WEEK WILL BE BY PAPER. AFTERWARDS, you will receive a texted link that we will ask you to save on your phone and use each day.

3) Students must WEAR A MASK while at the Lab. PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD WITH SEVERAL SO THEY CAN CHANGE if needed during the day. Unfortunately, no mask, no class. Bandanas, gators, scarfs are not acceptable.

4) You can DROP-IN ON ZOOM and CHAT WITH YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER each day from 8:30-9:00 - NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED. ZOOM LINK BELOW. To keep parents and teachers and staff connected despite social distancing we are holding virtual office hours on Zoom every morning from 8:30-8:50 am and afternoon from 3:00-3:30 pm.

Mr. T's DROP-IN ZOOM Parent Office Hours. Click here for link.

Ms. Kathryn's Zoom Parent Office Hours. Click here for link.

5) Dedicated desk for each student. Each student will have a dedicated desk/table in their classroom for the semester that they can decorate, make their own, store their items in (no more lockers) and also create a fun "study loft" underneath.

6) Outdoor classes. Writers and Readers workshop will be held outside each day for Mr. T's class. Each student should bring a blanket or foam cushion they can leave at The Lab for the Fall to use outside.

7) Send Lunches that do not require refrigeration or microwaving this Fall. The kitchen is closed for the Fall. Postmates is an option in a pinch or we are happy to suggest some lunch-delivery services if you are concerned about providing a heated meal for your child. Email Mr. T at

8) Students enrolled in on-site classes may attend virtually at any time. Please email Mr. T at when your child decides to attend virtually and he will email them the link to their Lab email.

9) Late pick-up is $30. Late pick-ups after 3:20 will automatically be charged $30, payable immediately. Sorry everyone, but no exceptions. We have to pay for staff to stay and need to cover those costs. We encourage you to ask for help from another parent if you think you will be running late.

For students enrolled in VIRTUAL CLASSES

1) Zoom link for Mr. T's class - M-TH 9:00 - 3:00, FR 9:00-1:00 (SELECT THE DAYS YOU JOIN - NO NOTIFICATION NEEDED)

2) Zoom link for Ms. Kathryn's class - M-TH 9:30 -2:00, FR 9:30-1:00 (SELECT THE DAYS YOU JOIN - NO NOTIFICATION NEEDED)

3) Parents/guardians are in charge of assuring their child has been able to get online, and providing the support their child needs to participate in the virtual classes.

4) Students who are enrolled in virtual-attendance who wish to attend class on-site are welcome to, but must apply for on-site attendance. Email to start the process.


Mr. T and Lyndee

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