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Coronavirus update-Lab closure plan

Dear Lab Families,

Based on recommendations from the Long Beach Public Health Department and Long Beach Unified School District, The Lab will be shifting to on-line learning program and closing for on-site attendance for two weeks, starting Monday, March 16th through Friday March 27th. We will reassess at that time.

This means The Lab WILL BE holding all of its regular classes on-line (virtually) on a video conferencing platform. But there will be NO ON-SITE classes during this time period.

A number of studies show that reducing social contact will both reduce the number of Coronavirus infections and lengthen the period of time over which they occur, which will reduce the load on hospitals and medical resources and also help protect those in our communities most vulnerable to negative effects from the virus. Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and now China are all showing measurable success from these steps and we feel it is important that we do our part in helping mitigate further transmission.

We will be in touch with you THIS WEEKEND with information about how to log-on for our on-line/virtual classes. To prepare, please assess your on-line infrastructure at home. Your child will need a computer or chrome book with access to the internet, and a place where they can participate online where they will not disrupt others with audio.

Please email Lyndee at if your child does not have access to these resources and she will assist.

On-Line classes with Lab staff will start at our regular time on Monday promptly at 9:00 am.

For parents who may have trouble with childcare during this period, we've created a google sheet for our families to exchange information with each other. If you are able to help out another parent with childcare please indicate this on the sheet. If you need help with childcare, check the sheet for available parents and their contact information.

We know this is a stressful time for many and appreciate your support and cooperation. When talking with your child about the Coronavirus and the shift to on-line learning at The Lab, it can be helpful to remind them that this is temporary, that they are safe and the virus has mild symptoms for children and most adults, and that by working on-line for a period we are all playing an important part in helping to protect the elderly, medically fragile and others in our communities.

As always, reach out to me with any questions.



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