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As Lab classes resume - important things to know

Dear Lab Families,

We are excited to see you tomorrow!

As you are aware, COVID-19 is surging in Los Angeles. We take this very seriously at The Lab and are committed to keeping our students and their families safe. Remember, even if the risk is low for you, it may not be for the person next to you.

We will continue to strictly follow Long Beach Public Health safety protocols at the Lab. As a reminder, all students MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES at the Lab (except during snack and lunch when 6 feet social distancing will be maintained). Please be sure you provide your child with a mask and at least one back-up for them to use during the day.

Like this Fall, every student must complete a symptom survey and have their temperature taken before they will be allowed to enter the building. PARENTS - you must WAIT AND SIGN YOUR CHILD'S SURVEY at morning drop-off before you leave.

Only students and staff are allowed inside the building to reduce exposure risk.

Finally, If you have been in close contact with someone with COVID or who has been exposed to someone with COVID, or if you or your child are displaying any symptoms, please remain home until your child can obtain a negative COVID test or it has been 14 days since exposure. Meanwhile, your child can attend VIRTUALLY while waiting for clearance so they don't miss out.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and to a joyful January at The Lab!


Lyndee and Mr. T

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