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If your child is not enrolled in a non-classroom based charter currently, NO PROBLEM! 


You can file a PSA with the State of California and STILL homeschool.


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What is SB 98 and how does it impact schooling?

In June, the Governor signed SB 98 which impacts the ability of Charter Schools including Independent Study Charter Schools to enroll new students. 

SB 98, signed into law June 2020, specifies that schools may only receive payment for the number of students they had enrolled at the end of February 2020.   This means they do not receive payment from the state for any students they enroll past that number (those funds will remain with the school they were enrolled in February 2020).  


Many Charters continued to enroll students in the Spring and so are now over-subscribed.  Most now have long waiting lists of students hoping to enroll for Fall that they are not able to accept because of the restrictions created by SB 98. 


There are many people working on getting this law changed and the Governor himself included a signing letter directing legislators to review and remedy the problem this creates for schools that have growing enrollment.    We anticipate it will eventually be struck down or modified, but until then, if your child is not already enrolled in an Independent Study charter it may be hard for you to find a space.

There are OPTIONS! Until the problems created by SB 98  are rectified, families can still homeschool by submitting a Private School Affidavit (PSA) to the state.  California begins accepting these in October of each year.  A PSA allows you to establish your own private school of 1 student for your child and is a viable option for families who have the time available to oversee their child's education. You will be directly responsible for overseeing your child's education and paying for any enrichment classes your child takes.   Click here or more information on how to file a private school affidavit for your child/children. 

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