For Charter School Supervising Teachers/EFs

Process for Using Space at The Lab for Meetings with Parents/Students

We love our students' EFs and want to support you in your work with your students.


EF and Supervising Teachers are welcome to reserve up to 5 hours each month of SharEducate Space at The Lab to meet with their students and families who attend The Lab.  Space is available between 9:00am and 4:00pm M-F except on holidays and must be reserved at least 24-hours in advance.

Process for reserving SharEducate Space. Meeting space must be reserved at least 24-hours in advance and confirmed by Lab office staff. To make a reservation, please email with the dates and times you are requesting and she will get back to you with a confirmation. 

Consider becoming a  SharEducate Member 

EFs and Supervising Teachers who would like to use more than 5 hours a month or would like a space to meet with students/families who do not attend The Lab, we invite you to become SharEducate Members at the Lab.  As a SharEducate member you will have 16+ hours each month of meeting and classroom space available to you on  weekdays from 3-9 M-Th, 1-9 Fridays, and all day weekends and holidays.  Please see the SharEducate tab on the menu bar for more information on becoming a SharEducate Member.

Access to wi-fi, printing, coffee, common areas while using SharEducate.  EFs are welcome to to make "light" use of the printer up to 50 pages on the honor system.  Black and white is 20 cents a page,  color is 30 cents a page.  For larger print jobs, we recommend Sir Speedy which is an easy 3 block walk from The Lab.   EFs also have access to the The Lab's guest wi-fi network, and may utilize the Lab's front foyer as a waiting area for parents/students.  EFs and their families are also welcome to use the coffee bar while holding meetings at The Lab.  Adults should use the adult restroom on the west end of the One World Classroom.  Students should use the student bathrooms. EFs are welcome to make use of the kitchen for water and to refrigerate or warm food. 

Please do not enter other areas of The Lab during your visit.  To minimize interruptions to our staff and students during the day,  we ask that EFs DO NOT enter other areas of The Lab while using SharEducate space including  classrooms and the outdoor play space.  If you need to get a child from the classroom, please let our office staff know and they will be happy to help you, or please inform the Lab teacher in the classroom and they will send the student to meet with you.  


Accessing work samples.  The Lab is happy to help you access work samples either virtually through providing access to our various learning platforms, or to assist you in reviewing physical product such as written reports, art work, and PBL projects.   Email with your work sample requests and she will work with you to provide on-line access or schedule a time for you to come onsite to view the work directly.   

Link to content covered in each class for the month.   The Lab maintains a running list of content covered each day in both multi-age classrooms.  If you would like to be invited to view this schedule, please email and she will provide you with the appropriate link.