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Remember to study at home when you don't attend

Dear Lab Families and Students,

This is a reminder that on days when your child does not attend classes at The Lab (either virtually or in-person), YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for making sure your child completes their course work for their NCB charter AT HOME!

This is mainly a concern for students who attend EPIC Charter School. EPIC measures your child's "attendance" at EPIC Charter School by the amount of time your child spends each day on coursework EPIC has assigned to them. If they fall behind, EPIC will count them as "truant."

The time your child spends at The Lab in-person or virtually "counts" towards their coursework for EPIC and we have added a special 2-hour class each day for EPIC students to work on their specific EPIC platform while they are at The Lab because we know this is an expectation EPIC holds for your student.

A NOTE ON VIRTUAL ATTENDANCE. If your child is attending Lab classes virtually, it is UP TO YOU TO MAKE SURE your child is logged-on, participating in the classes and completing work during the class. Lab staff cannot "see" what your child is doing on the other side of the ZOOM camera and students can be quite creative in generating the illusion they are doing their work when they actually are not.

YOU will be responsible for monitoring and redirecting them if needed. Check-in with them frequently during the day, ask them to show you their work from the day, reach out to Mr. T and confirm what students worked on that day and make sure your child did the work too.

Getting through these difficult times truly takes a village! We promise to do our part. Please be sure you do yours. We will make it together!

Feel free to reach out to Mr. T or Lyndee with any questions.

Magical things are happening at The Lab this week! Take a peek.

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