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Lab Update October 11, 2019

Dear Lab Families,

Thank you for participating in our Family Huddles over the past 2 weeks and attending the Homeschool Bootcamp! They went splendidly!

Stay connected with us!

Follow us on Instagram and our website. Check our website regularly for family resources, monthly calendars and Lab "news" and join our Instagram page to see photos of our activities each week.

Afternoon Classes at The Lab

Register for Afternoon Classes @ The Lab and tell your friends too. The Lab is experimenting with a new program -SharEducate - where we invite outside vendors to offer their classes in our building once we've finished for the day and week. These vendors need robust enrollment to continue at The Lab so please let your friends know about the classes. Amara is taking both Spanish and Singing and LOVES them! TO LEARN MORE & REGISTER CLICK here.

Current afternoon SharEducate classes:

SPANISH with TLP - Tuesday 3:30-4:30 and Friday 1:15-2:15*

SINGING & PIANO w/ Barron Vocal Aca - Friday Group 1:15-2:15, Private 2:15-5:00

*Note change of time for TLP Spanish Class.

Inside The Lab Classrooms

Readers and Writers Workshop. RW and WW is a wonderful approach to balanced literacy that encourages student agency while also building deep skills in and a love for reading and writing. This month, T’s class is focusing on Character Development and Perri’s class is focusing on Storytelling. Watch for an announcement about our upcoming author’s chair where students will present their work to families and fellow students. To learn more about Readers and Writers workshop click here.

On-Line Academic Platforms. Both classes are up and running with Moby Max (T's class and Ms. Perri's) and Summit (T’s class only). The Lab uses personalized on-line learning platforms to support deep differentiation in instruction for each child, and to provide students with experience in self-driving their own learning. We combine work on personalized platforms with one-to-one and small group pull-out sessions to support skill building in math, ELA, social studies and science.

All students and parents should have log-in information to be able to view progress and continue top work on these platforms at home. If you don't, please let Mr. T or Ms. Perri know ASAP.

Curiosity Studios. This month our Curiosity Studios are focused on science (Biology) and are in full swing. Both Mr. T's and Ms. Perri's classes are researching and conducting experiments related to plants and plant life cycles as a “kick-off” for our learning garden. The Lab's Curiosity Studios are based on best practices in Project Based Learning (PBL) developed by the Bucks Institute. To learn more about PBL click here.

Our FIRST WOW! Global Food Workshop of the Fall. This October we will be holding our first WOW! Global Food and Cooking Workshop. These workshops will focus on the cuisine and culture of a particular country each month and also use items from our learning garden. During our first hour-long global food workshop, Qiana, our Parent Volunteer Garden Chef, will be working with students to make juices from items harvested from our learning garden, as well as an Irish potato and leek soup using potatoes harvested from her own garden. Any parents with experiences, recipes or stories from our first focus country, Ireland, please let us know - we'd love to include you in the workshop.


PLEASE DONATE and KEEP THE LAB OPEN! We need 100% participation from families in The Lab's Bridge the Gap fundraising campaign to be able to keep the Lab operating. Click here to make a repeating monthly donation to The Lab before Halloween and forward the link to the fundraising site to family and friends. Together we can make this happen!

Family Corner

Help with transportation. A parent in Ms. Perri's class who works outside of Long Beach is looking for someone who could help her get her son to an after school program each afternoon after our classes are over. The program is a 10-minute drive from the Lab. If you can help out, please email her at:

Important Dates

October 30th 10:30-12:00 - Halloween Parade and potluck

November 11th - Veteran’s Day (Lab Closed)

November 25th-29th - Fall break (Lab Closed)

You can also check the calendar on the Lab's website

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